About Charlotte

Charlotte De Baere (1990) is a Belgian artist located in Antwerp. Her abstract work is a reflection of her daily life as an artist.

As a child, Charlotte was greatly inspired by the stories her grandmother Johanna told her about the many adventures she and her husband took over the years, and by her love of nature. She fondly remembers a present Johanna gave her, memories of those travels in the form of a collection of rocks and small corals from around the world.

During her childhood her other grandmother Martha, who was an artist, encouraged her to experiment in an artistic way, and taught her the joy of painting and the importance of close observation of colour. Charlotte grew up seeking solutions through creative processes and with great love for discovery and nature.

In this light she chose art as a high school career, at PIKOH Hasselt. Painting quickly became her favourite subject, which she then pursued rigorously.

For quite some time after, she engaged in other degrees as an occupational therapist and a teacher, and felt uninspired in her artistry. Stuck between the realities of professional life and dreams of who she wanted to become, she decided to travel and explore other cultures, as so many young people feel the need to do.

Charlotte saw the coral reefs in Cuba, surfed in Costa Rica and off the coast of France, and especially found great love for the ocean in South Africa.

These experiences motivated her decision to abandon the weight on her shoulders and fully focus on her love of painting once again. The thrills of underwater life, the ebb and flow, felt like who she was inherently, the ocean her muse.

In order to be free like the ocean she so adores, she surrendered her mundane life to one allowing the tide to guide her across the canvas, equipped with inspiration from experiences across the world and a reignited and never to be underestimated childlike curiosity. Her art is honest and revels purely in the veldt of tension between medium and intrinsic passion.

- CDB.

Photos by Tijs Vervecken & Kyky Kong Kong.